Fender Player Series Telecaster

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REAL DEAL SOUND Bold, innovative and rugged, the Player Telecaster is pure Fender, through and through. The feel, the style and, most importantly, the sound—they’re all there, waiting for you to make them whisper or wail for your music. Versatile enough to handle almost anything you can create and durable enough to survive any gig, this workhorse is a trusty sidekick for your musical vision. FEATURES Alder body with gloss finish Two Player Series single-coil Telecaster pickups “Modern C"-shaped neck profile 9.5"-radius fingerboard String-through-body bridge with block steel saddles A LOOK INTO THE PLAYER TELECASTER® HIGHLIGHTS SPECS SUPPORT PLAYER SERIES PICKUPS PLAYER SERIES PICKUPS Designed for authentic Fender tone—with a bit of an edge—the Player Series pickups keep a foot in the past while looking to the future. BLOCK-STEEL BRIDGE SADDLES BLOCK-STEEL BRIDGE SADDLES This string-through-body Telecaster bridge features block-steel saddles to add a bit of zing to your tone. “Modern C” NECK PROFILE “MODERN C” NECK PROFILE This neck is designed for comfort and performance, with a “Modern C”-shaped profile and a smooth back finish—ideal for almost any playing style. 22 FRETS 22 FRETS Adding another fret lets you bend the highest D up to an E, giving you access to four octaves of musical possibilities. MORE TRADITIONAL BODY RADII MORE TRADITIONAL BODY RADII The Player Telecaster body is hand-shaped to original specifications. “F”-STAMPED NECK PLATE “F”-STAMPED NECK PLATE Each Player Telecaster includes an “F”-stamped neck plate, leaving no doubt as to the instrument’s pedigree.